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  • COVID-19

    Local measures

    We took various measures, also considering the government’s recommendations. See how we make sure that Skylight users can feel safe!

    Additional disinfection of the common areas occurs daily, according to the recommendations received by the cleaning company. It includes, among others, disinfecting surfaces (including lift buttons and the surfaces of the cabins themselves, as well as handrails and handles) with a special preparation.

    We have placed hands sanitisers in the building. You will find them on every floor (next to the lifts) and at the reception desk – please use them frequently. Additionally, there are antibacterial soaps in the toilets within the common areas.

    We have installed a plexiglass shield on the reception desk. Couriers are asked to deliver their parcels through the delivery area, not through the main entrance.

    In case of an increased temperature, the employee should be sent home for at least 2-3 days (use remote work, if possible).

    Reporting COVID-19 infection

    If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, inform the property manager immediately. Provide information about the time the person was in the building, the spaces the person was in and the actions you intend to take in your office as a result.

    Pro Tip

    We will notify you if an infected person has been in the building in the last few days.

    Contact-free solutions

    The Singu app will help you protect your office against COVID-19. It makes sure that the limit of people in one place has not been exceeded. It also sends push notifications and reminders so that everyone has access to information related to protection against COVID-19. Using the app and other contact-free solutions reduces the number of contact points in Skylight – all for your safety.

    Contact us

    Do you wish to know more, or maybe need some help? Our team is waiting for you! Below you will find contact information about matters relating to this section.


    Property Manager
    Katarzyna Boguszewska-Paliga
    +48 882 399 020

    Skylight building manager. Provides all necessary information about the building.
    COVID-19 notifications
    Electric chargers
    Lease contract
    Property manger


    Technical Manager
    Artur Bartosiak
    +48 697 600 601

    Responsible for coordinating the repair of defects in the building, clarifies questions regarding technical issues in the premises of the rented premises, and issues approvals for technical changes introduced in the premises.

    Air conditioning
    Arrangement changes during the term of the lease
    Building access control
    COVID-19 notifications
    Singu app access