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    Pro Tip

    Do you wish to leave your bike in a safe place? No problem, our bicycle parking is available 24/7.

    Underground parking

    On the level -1 of the underground parking area, you will find a monitored bicycle zone where you can leave your bike. To get to it, use the entrance from Złota Street.

    Bicycle parking is located in front of the entrance to the underground parking area. Clip your bike there, and you can rush to the office. The fastest way to get there is via Złote Tarasy. Take the lift to the second floor of the mall. There you will find dedicated Skylight lifts – you can use them with your access card.

    Access to the bike parking area

    To activate access to the bicycle parking on your access card, use the SINGU application.


    STEP 1

    STEP 2

    Select  “New application”.

    STEP 3

    Fill in the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk):

    a) Type of application: Additional work,

    b) Determining the priority of your application,

    c) Category: Access cards.

    STEP 4

    Fill in the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk):

    a) First and last name,

    b) Card number,

    c) Enter the subject of the application (e.g., “Granting access to bike parking area”) and the description, if necessary. If you’d like access to the 5th floor lockers and shower, please be sure to include this information in your ticket description.

    STEP 5

    Send your application by clicking the “ADD” button.

    There is a possibility to order operations on several cards within one application by selecting the “+ Add more” option.

    Lockers & shower

    Would you like to freshen up before work? It’s very easy – just use the shower! You will find it on the 5th floor. If you’d like to leave your things in a locker, take a key from the reception desk. Remember to return it after work.

    If you need to inflate the wheels or carry out some simple repair of your two-wheeler, a service station is available in the bicycle parking area. Pliers, rings, hexagonal wrenches, and a pump are available. Good luck!


    1.   Parking area is free.

    2.   Parking area is monitored.

    3.   Parking area is available 24/7, 7 days a week.

    4.   A bicycle cannot be parked for more than 24 hours at a time.

    5.   In the event of a parking time exceeding 48 hours, security has the right to remove the bike from the parking lot and take further steps to get rid of it.

    6.   Every customer of the parking area is obliged to use anti-theft protection.

    7.   The building management is not responsible for damage to property caused by force majeure, such as fire or flood, or other factors beyond its control, such as burglary or devastation.