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    The technical service in the building is provided by Innovative Facility Management Polska, which is responsible for, among others: repairs and troubleshooting in the building, answering questions about technical issues of the rented premises, approving technological changes in the premises.

    Pro tip

    Do you need some minor repairs or maybe renovation works? Innovative Facility Management Polska company, responsible for technical service in the building, offers handyman services for an additional charge.

    Reporting malfunctions

    Have you noticed a malfunction? No panic. All you have to do is report her through Singu and we’ll do the rest.


    STEP 1

    STEP 2

    Select “New Request”.

    STEP 3

    Fill in the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk):

    a) Select the type of notification: “Malfunction”,

    b) Specify the priority of the notification,

    c) Select the application category,

    d) Enter the subject of the report.

    STEP 4

    Complete the application description and add photos or files if necessary.

    STEP 5

    Send your application by clicking the “ADD” button.

    STEP 6

    Once the malfunction is corrected by the service, you will receive an e-mail notification that it has been completed. You can then close the ticket in the Singu application (Application-Status-Close Request).

    In the event of sudden malfunctions or when they occur outside working hours, contact the technician on duty at the phone number +48  697 550 623. He can be contacted 24 hours a day.

    Contact us

    Do you wish to know more, or maybe need some help? Our team is waiting for you! Below you will find contact information about matters relating to this section.


    Technical Manager
    Artur Bartosiak
    +48 697 600 601

    Responsible for coordinating the repair of defects in the building, clarifies questions regarding technical issues in the premises of the rented premises, and issues approvals for technical changes introduced in the premises.
    Air conditioning
    Arrangement changes during the term of the lease
    Building access control
    COVID-19 notifications
    Singu app access