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  • Plan your move

    Very soon you will begin working in your dreamy, new office. It’s a wonderful feeling! But first, something less pleasant… Moving! Nobody likes this time-consuming process, but with our advice, things should go as smoothly as possible.

    Office handover

    Your company representatives with sufficient legal powers to sign the handover protocol must be present during the handover. Making your photo documentation is also advised. When handing over the office, we will also provide access cards, along with a protocol that an authorised person must sign.

    Delivery hours

    You must plan the delivery of any new furniture/office equipment and the move itself for the evening hours (after 6 PM) or during the weekend to limit the inconvenience to other tenants.

    Report and confirm delivery

    The delivery must be registered in the SINGU app via the “Advisement to delivery area” option. It will allow the moving company to stay in the delivery zone for more than 30 minutes. Register your delivery at least two days earlier.


    STEP 1

    STEP 2

    Select “New application”.

    STEP 3

    Fill in the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk):

    a) Type of application: “Advisement to delivery area”,

    b) Application start and end date,

    c) Fill in the work description,

    d) Upload attachments if required for your application,

    e) Determining the priority of your application,

    f) Category: “Others”.

    g) Enter the subject of the application and the description, if necessary.

    STEP 4

    Send your application by clicking the “ADD” button.

    Delivery zone

    The moving company should arrive with the load in the delivery zone, entrance from Jana Pawła II Av., through the underground parking lot of Złote Tarasy shopping centre. The map below will help you provide any necessary information.

    Cargo lift and corridor dimensions

    Inform the moving company (and other suppliers) that they cannot block the cargo lift. Shipments must be removed immediately when the door on the relevant floor opens. Also, remember that not everything can fit in the lift or corridors. The width of the corridors at floor height is approximately 150 cm. Below are the dimensions of the Skylight freight lift.

    Contact us

    Do you wish to know more, or maybe need some help? Our team is waiting for you! Below you will find contact information about matters relating to this section.


    Property Manager
    Katarzyna Boguszewska-Paliga
    +48 882 399 020

    Skylight building manager. Provides all necessary information about the building.

    COVID-19 notifications
    Electric chargers
    Lease contract
    Property manger


    Skylight security manager
    Mariusz Napiórkowski
    +48 510 014 061

    He deals with the protection of the building and common spaces. Monitors guests appearing in the building.