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  • Waste sorting

    We focus on eco-friendly solutions and trust that you do too – please sort your waste according to current city guidelines. Where to throw it away? Garbage containers can be found on level -2 of the underground parking area, in the delivery zone. Use the cargo lift to get there.

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    Property Manager
    Katarzyna Boguszewska-Paliga
    +48 882 399 020

    Skylight building manager. Provides all necessary information about the building.

    COVID-19 notifications
    Electric chargers
    Lease contract
    Property manger


    Technical Manager
    Artur Bartosiak
    +48 697 600 601

    Responsible for coordinating the repair of defects in the building, clarifies questions regarding technical issues in the premises of the rented premises, and issues approvals for technical changes introduced in the premises.

    Air conditioning
    Arrangement changes during the term of the lease
    Building access control
    COVID-19 notifications
    Singu app access